Coronavirus and Travel Fears

Due to the spread of coronavirus, travel has become a big concern. Many people have canceled their flight bookings and are keeping away from affected countries for a while. People are afraid to travel locally too. However, if you have booked a ticket several months ago and are determined to make that trip, or you […]

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Essential tips for a safe trip

I have always loved to travel and experience the world. It’s my most favorite hobby. They say some people have a wanderlust that inspires them to travel and see the world; I believe that I do. I like to tell my friends that reading different travel blogs inspired me to start traveling in the first […]

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Lens Artists Photo Challenge #27: My Travels (Enchanting Peru 4) — The World Is A Book…

Some of us choose our travel designations based on the iconic nature of the place. My trip to Peru was no exception. Like most travelers who visit Peru, we fell in love with Machu Picchu long before deciding to take the trip. And, when we planned the trip with our friends, we called it the […] […]

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Safe and smooth travel

You want to travel, because in these times more than ever you must be informed about your destination and its peculiarities. With this blog we intend to provide knowledge about traveling around the world and I hope you find it interesting and useful. I am working on excellent posts that will clarify many things regarding […]

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